Jo Zider Studio 39 Visual Artist
Sculpture in clay and bronze, Installations, Relief oil paintings, specializing in raku firing process for sculpture and tile work.                                          i
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Installation Work

Early in the 1980's, I created a series of wheel thrown clay forms I called "Shifting Sands". Inspired by the line, form and color of many geological formations but mostly the hoo-doos and coloration of the volcanic area of west Texas. After a successful exhibition of this work at Archway Gallery in Houston, and most of the work being sold, I did have several pieces remaining. In 1990 I decided to put these remaining pieces into nature, by placing them into the landscape. One thing that fascinated me was how everytime I visited Big Bend National Park, it always looked the same. Yet after locating SITE ONE and placing a piece of sculpture, I was surprised, upon returning to that site fourteen years later how drastically the site had changed. A sill, which originally shaded the installed work of sculpture in a cozy niche, had now collapsed, totally obscuring the work. The "Shifting Sands" or erosive forces of nature had taken over. I continued to return to this west Texas area and place four more works. Over the years, incremental changes have occurred.
Other clay forms have been created to be used as the objects of my installations. Sometimes the forms appear to be bone-like, tormented and stressed, as each formation was a prayer for a victim of abuse. Some installations can be permanent. Some of my ideas require non-permanence: the pieces are arranged at a specific site, photographed and then de-installed, as the bone installations in Galveston, Texas. "Swarm" and "Mending Circle" are examples of works which have been exhibited at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and won 'Honorable Mention' in the 2006 biannual competition.
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